Success is a Choice


We like to think of success as something we are chasing, something outside of us that we are after. Where does this come from? It starts internally with our thoughts believing that success is something external, when really it is internal. Success is simply the product of our daily choices. When we take personal responsibility for this, we begin to realize that we are more powerful than we were really willing to admit. This personal power can be scary because it is easier to blame or push responsibility on to others for our failures. However, at the end of the day we know that we are in charge of our lives and it can scare us. The top athletes and business professionals in the world recognize that their success is a choice. Their daily choices become their habits and their habits become their destiny. Kobe Bryant for example made the decision that he had to hit 800 jumpers before the Olympic Team practice started in the morning, so he decided that he better get started at 4:30 am to make that a reality. Michael Jordan would only be done practicing for the day when he made 10 free throws in a row following team practice. Torry Holt, of the St. Louis Rams, every Thursday of the NFL season would choose to catch 200 balls in a row from a pitching machine at different angles and depths before he went to the locker room to shower and head home. See these choices are the reason they are successful. A tree doesn’t choose how tall it grows. It grows to its maximum capacity. As humans though we have the power of choice. Do we choose to set an alarm? Do we choose to get up with the alarm and workout or hit the snooze button? Do we choose to go through the motions at practice because we are thinking about the homework we have to do later or how boring this drill is? Or do we choose to do it to the best of our ability and challenge ourselves to do it better than we ever have before? Do we choose to concentrate on the task at hand and keep pushing ourselves to do it correctly? Do we choose to do more than is required of us by the outside world because we have a burning drive for greatness?

Success is a choice.
What will you choose to do?
Best regards,
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