Pushing Children: Positive vs Negative

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Does a healthy way exist to push children to excel and be happy at the same time? Whether you are in the role of a parent, coach, teacher, mentor, or leader it is best to examine the effects of your communication on children and adults as well. Often times when we think of pushing children we only think of the negative forms of pushing using communication that is threatening, angry, demeaning, and controlling. Negative pushing actually has a detrimental effect in the long term to the child’s overall well-being, achievement and happiness. Negative pushing causes children to feel threatened and because children are inherently motivated to avoid threats they will avoid consistent achievement. Negative pushing destroys children’s self-esteem, emotional mastery, and ownership of the task. However, positive forms of communication do exist to push children. Children, just as adults do, live up to expectations. If we raise the bar in a helpful way, they will find a way to jump over it. A successful achiever is someone who achieves and is happy with themselves at the same time. Positive pushing is communication that is encouraging, growth and learning centric, and shows the love, respect, and value you hold for the person. It requires that the child pushes beyond their perceived limits to grow, learn, and change.

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