Quit trying to be the best; aim for your best


It is so easy when you are trying to be the best to lose sight of what will make you reach your best. There is a large chasm of distinction between comparing what you do to others and how close you come to reaching your potential that day! If you focus solely on being the best, you can get discouraged very quickly if you realize you are not the best in the room. For example, let’s take the two extremes: the athlete who is already the best and the athlete in a group who is rated/ranked the worst. If they are both trying to be the best, neither will be their best. The best athlete in the group has nowhere to go with this vision. They are satisfied because they are #1 in that setting. The second athlete who is the worst in the group has insecurities and doubts that get in the way from being their best because their focus is outside themselves instead of within. Both athletes will benefit from changing their goal and vision to be the best they are capable of becoming. Parents can help their children too in this respect. If your child is a role player on a basketball team, does it mean that their role is not valuable? Of course not, parents would scoff at that! Seeking to become a starter is a great goal, but what underlies that is aiming to be the best you can. If you are doing this, that is all you can ask for as a parent, coach, and athlete. You will improve at a faster rate with the mental approach of aiming to do your best each day!


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