Training-why it works and why it doesn’t

If you are not getting the results you desire from your training, you must evaluate your training and decide if it needs to be tweaked or dramatically needs a shift. Think of it this way: in competition, if you are not producing the results you desire, you would choose a different strategy. This would give you a better chance at the outcome you desire or expect. However, in training many times athletes keep training a specific way despite the evidence to the contrary that they are not seeing the improvements that they think they should. Three reasons exist for this:

1. Their expectations for improvement in a specific time period are unrealistic.
2. They have not given the training enough time to have its desired effect.
3. The type of training is not the best for them physically to improve.

Just as we all learn different ways from auditory to visual to kinesthetic, our bodies have different ways to responding to physical activity. Finding the best ways for you to improve in training will give you the best results. This is different for every individual.


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