What does “Attitude” really mean?

Coaches often talk about an athlete having a good or poor attitude.  We generally know what they are speaking about, but today I will break it down further.  Here are 7 aspects of Attitude:

1. intensity level-where is their level of focus

2. competitiveness-do they want to beat their opponent every rep, do they want to be 1st

3. coachable-are they open to feedback, suggestions

4. passion-do they appear to love playing the sport, practicing, watching it, analyzing it

5. drive-do they want to excel, be the best, perform to the best of their ability consistently

6. work ethic-hard worker/gives great effort all of the time

7. emotional composure-handles success, setbacks and failures appropriately within environment

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One response to “What does “Attitude” really mean?

  1. Everyone of those aspects are golden. My personal favorite and motivating driver is the second one. I think competitiveness is something that people have or they don’t. Can’t train that one.

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