Learning how to concentrate

How do you concentrate on the task at hand and execute? For example, how do you train a football wide receiver to catch the pass when he has a safety barreling down on him? Receivers drop the ball for a variety of reasons: lack of concentration, physical fatigue, distractions, poor practice habits…

Here are a four ways that you can apply to other sports as well:

1. Practice catching the ball from a machine or QB from a certain distance and angle. The receiver has to catch a certain amount in a row. If they mess up, they have start over at the beginning

2. Practice catching the ball with the safety running at them full speed

3. Visualize seeing the ball hit the hands and securing it with your body

4. Making sure your technique is fundamentally sound each rep

These are four ways to improve your concentration and execution of an athletic skill. If you like this article, share with your audience. Feel free to contact me with questions and comments about it too.



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