How do you win more singles matches?

Tennis is a game that is not complicated just very difficult!  There are no secrets out there.  The components of the game involve four aspects: mental, physical, technical, and tactical.  If you want to win tennis matches you have to evaluate how you can improve in all four areas every day.  This is a process that never ends.  Whether it is winning your first round in a tournament at the satellite level or winning a match at your tennis club, tennis rewards specific skills.  From a ball striking perspective, when you do the following consistently, you will win: develop your serve as a weapon (winning 1 or more points per game without hitting another shot), a service return that neutralizes the serve, keeping the ball in play a minimum of 4x times per point, hit it cross court, and finally hit it deep.  This is not easy, but neither is anything worthwhile!  Tennis is a challenging game where you can improve your capabilities every day but you will never perfect them.  Enjoy the journey!  If you have questions, feel free to contact me via email or twitter.

Best regards,

Chad Stoloff

Mental Performance Coach

A Disciplined Mind LLC


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