The Quest for Greatness

It takes great courage to be great!  We have to be willing mentally to look stupid in front of others and risk making mistakes if we want to achieve greatness.  Why do we settle so often?  It is because we are comfortable with where we are and because we are afraid of looking stupid in front of peers, family, friends, the entire world.  Rather than going for it to see what we can accomplish, we hold back afraid that we will fail.  We have to be willing to be vulnerable to grow and achieve what we haven’t before.  How do you make a muscle stronger?  You use it, the muscle breaks down, and then regenerates and comes back stronger.  The mind works the same way! It is the same with our quest for greatness.  We have to commit to achieving a stronger position and that involves accepting that we might be worse in the short term.  However, in the long run we will accomplish things that were previously out of reach for us.


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