“Knowing it all” vs. “Open to learning”

Terrell Davis was talking on the radio this afternoon about coaching high school football players who act like they know it all.  He said he tries to communicate with them about the game, and they say “coach I got it, I know it!”  He says, “have you played in the college and the NFL?  I have!”  I think it is actually an expression of insecurity to act like you know it all.  We never know it all; we can always learn more and improve.  Many young people especially in the U.S. act like they know it all because they are afraid to show that they don’t know it all.  It is okay to be vulnerable; that is real strength! It is human not to know everything!  How can you?  When you empty your cup at the end of the day and have the ability to fill your cup for the next day with new knowledge, you will grow and improve.  If you act like you know it all already, people that are trying to help you will choose to help someone else.  Everyone needs guidance, assistance, and can learn more.  The willingness to keep learning is a key ingredient to success.  Look at Jim McElwain, Head Football Coach at Colorado St., choosing to spend some time down at Broncos training camp trying to learn.  He isn’t acting like he has all of the answers!  He said on the radio that the great one’s steal from everyone!  He is right!  Why not be open to learning from everyone around you to impact the world in a positive direction?


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