Aim Small, Miss Small

In sports it helps tremendously to narrow your focus on a target within a target.  For example, if you focus on the middle of the basketball hoop, it helps you make the shot instead of only trying to get it in the basket.  This can be seen and used in other sports like golf where golfers aim for the pin instead of trying to get the ball on the green.  I hadn’t shot hoops in months but went out today and made 4 out of 6 shots from 3-point range during one sequence by focusing on 3 areas: the middle of the basketball hoop, my balance when shooting, and having a smooth rhythm.  The aim small, miss small principle has been around for a long time, but sometimes we fail to emphasize this simple idea.  This is why targets are used in the military and law enforcement to train.  If you focus on a smaller area, you will definitely consistently hit a bigger target. Have fun with it and keep learning!  Going back to the basics or fundamentals will help you in every endeavor.


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