The top athletes practice and compete with decisiveness/conviction.  They do not hesitate.  They make up their minds and commit to a shot or action.

This requires two elements:

First, the athlete must learn what is the most effective strategy to achieving a desired outcome.  This process occurs through action via trial and error, receiving instruction from a coach, learning from watching others, and coaching others.

Second, the athlete must make a full commitment to the process of the action.  This is a mental and physical commitment to the preparation, action, and completion of a movement.  When they are fully accepting of the possible outcomes that may occur due to their choice of action, they are at peace with their decision.

When these two components are present, an athlete is decisive and competes with conviction.  Having this mental approach to their competition separates them from many athletes who are unsure what path to take or follow.  If you want to compete at your highest level you must have the element of conviction! As Mr. Miagi says in The Karate Kid to Daniel Son, “left side of the road-good, right side of the road-good, middle of the road-squash!”


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